For those who SEEK out A life FULL OF purpose, there's always one more craft to make, another point on the map to explore and one more small way to heal our planet.  

You've found your match.

My name is Tiffany Mass, I fell in love at 3 years old with nature. Particularly where a body of water meets a sandy shoreline.

On ArtSea Chic, I embrace what historically over time has made our Earth thrive. Living a life of minimalism in a fifth wheel Jayco RV with my husband Todd and golden retriever Andi to make room to move freely, think more clearly, open possibility and saving for our future coastal farmhouse. Think of the benefits of less debt, safer foods and products, more outdoor adventure, greater control over your future. To me, that's a coastal lifestyle

A mindset that evolves a positive life purpose is the greatest discovery of all. 

Eastlake RV Resort
My goal is to create a life I don’t need a vacation from.
— Tiffany Mass

Living a coastal lifestyle no matter where you are isn't something gained overnight. It's practiced through being open to exploring different cultures, taking risks outside of your comfort zone, learning how nature can negatively or positively impact your very being in this world and understanding that in order to keep going forward we need to know how we got this far in the first place.

To develop your coastal lifestyle mindset, perhaps you start small by learning what the importance is of which foods are best to buy organic and/or from local farmers at your grocery store or farmer's market. Or maybe plant an herb garden and use the plants' leaves in a recipe. Next, move on to dedicating at least one weekend a month to explore a new state park or local destination; find the adventure in something new! Take note of how you feel after mastering just these two activities. Then move on to examining how you can eliminate unwanted debt. For many years I gave up things people my age thought were necessities so some day I could attain the life they would never reach. Make a list of monthly expenses, see if you can cut anything. You'd be surprised how the little things can add up over a year to hundreds of dollars! That's money you could be saving if you put in a little extra work and determination.

Crater of Diamonds State Park RV Trip.JPG

Coastal lifestyle experiences and learnings are meant to be shared, and that's exactly what I'm doing here. 

I currently reside in Houston, but every weekend is another adventure. You're most likely to find me eating chocolate ice cream while designing our future coastal farmhouse cottage, sharing stories of outdoor enthusiasts like myself for one of the nation's leading outdoor specialty retailers, or planning our next trip to the beach.

All views and opinions are my own.