12 Coastal RV Renovation Ideas

Now that the holidays are over, we've moved to a new RV resort and Mr. ArtSea Chic is almost done with long travels, so we've had more time to plan out what renovations we'd like to do inside our Jayco. We have become more accustomed to the layout of our 320 sqft. home these past two months, and at times even lost track of where we put some things. Living in a smaller space with dark brown furnishings and wood floors can make our cozy space feel smaller than it really is (see the RV interior tour here) and with a couple little renovation projects here and there, we can make it feel more open and coastal inspired in time for summer.

I've never done big renovation projects before, much less in an RV, so my tiny living Pinterest board has been my go-to for ideas and advice.

Below are some of the main projects I'd like to do, first starting with the bathroom area just to make sure all goes well.

  1. Faux white marble countertops by Giani {watch this DIY video}
  2. Bathroom beadboard accent wall with new towel hooks
  3. Beadboard bathroom door accent
  4. Living room bench seat with storage 
  5. Paint all walls
  6. Paint kitchen cabinets white and add beadboard
  7. DIY Dixie cup outdoor party lights
  8. Paint ceiling fan
  9. New bedding (I love this set from Target)
  10. DIY driftwood headboard
  11. Navy blue floor runners
  12. Paint the fireplace mantel and entertainment area

It'd be great if we could do all of these ideas for under $600, so we'll see if we're able to stay under that number as we make progress.

Materials for the faux white marble countertops have already been ordered, so we'll be getting started soon! :) Check back here for updates of the progress in the coming months.


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