What Is Going On In Peru?

Some of you may have heard about the unbelievable phenomenon happening on the beaches of Northern Peru, if not please watch the video above. Last week CNN published a report updating the global community on the situation that has marine biologists and scientists completely dumb struck. 900 dolphins, 5 sea lions, 54 blue-footed birds, and a sea turtle have been found dead onshore in the last 2 months.
This afternoon BBC News reported another uncomforting sighting - more than 500 pelicans are dead on the same beaches. The Peruvian government is working closely with the scientific community to try to figure out the root cause of death, which for the moment is undetermined, although they believe it is linked to either a morbillivirus which is also found in the same group of the measles virus in humans, or a brucella virus. 

The most unsettling feeling for most is that these animals have been dieing onshore rather than at sea. I know many of you raved about the brave beach-goers earlier this month who helped save a pod of dolphins that tried to beach themselves on a beach in Brazil. Unfortunately for most trying to help in Peru, the animals are already suffering from decomposition and severely near death.

What are your thoughts on might what be happening on the beaches of Brazil?