DIY Freshwater Terrarium

If you're headed to the beach for the 4th of July weekend to watch the fireworks on the shoreline, or even if you're headed to the beach in general, here's a very unique terrarium idea I came across from Scrap and Salvage and thought I'd share it and some additional things I'd do to it with you all because 1. It involves seashells 2. You use water 3. It makes for an interesting display piece in your home. Back in May I featured how to make your own DIY beachin' terrariums, so this is a bit different - maybe even easier for some.

First thing on the list to find is a fishbowl, mason jar, or empty clear vase that will hold your entire freshwater terrarium full of seashells, freshwater plants, rocks, and even snails and small fish if you'd like to have some real biosphere energy in there! Make sure to clean it if it's dusty or dirty.

Once that's done, you're going to want to take a handful or two of pebble stones and place them on the bottom. Mix shapes and sizes to give it more of a natural feel. Then...(this is where the seashells come in) pick about 5-6 shells to place on the bottom with the pebbles. Make sure you wash all the sand and saltwater off of them if you just picked them up at the beach! Don't want to kill the water plants with all that salt.

Next, you'll fill up the bowl, or whatever you're using, with freshwater half way. Then you're ready to put in the water plants! There are so many to choose from, so you can pick and choose which ones you like better. Basically anything that you can put in a pond can go in your freshwater terrarium. Some recommendations are: pothos, floating water lettuce, floating duckweed, hornwort, java moss, yellow snowflake, water poppy, and many other floating surface plants.

The care for these freshwater terrariums is very minimal, just take care of the plants as directed from where you buy them from and you're good to go. If you wanted to add in snails or small fish check with your local pet store to see what they have and what's best given the plants you have chosen.

Below are some other water-based terrarium ideas, both freshwater and saltwater.

Fun little project right? So while you're sitting on the beach, look for those shells you'd want to have on display in your terrarium. If you make a terrarium, post a picture of it on the ArtSea Chic Facebook page, I'd love to see what you did!