5 Reasons To Love Fishing

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Savlen Sportswear.

If you live each day in the moment, what do you do, where do you go, who would you want to be around?

When Mr. ArtSea Chic and I think about living in the moment, we always go back to the times of when we get to be together outdoors, especially by the water. Being near or inspired by the coast when we fish makes us not just happy, but also like we are free from the hussle of life's routines and demands; it's just us and nature. We love fishing because we get to step back and embrace:

  • Outdoor elements that we are not in control of but can learn from
  • Quality time growing together
  • Journeys to find the best catch
  • Personalities of the fish we're after
  • Grounding ourselves back into what matters most in life

That's the beauty of fishing, and any of you who fish can agree with all of the above! If you've never headed to the water with a fishing pole in your hand, it's never too late to learn how to catch every moment through fishing.

As our passion for the outdoors grows more and more, we often find our paths crossing with outdoor brands we really feel a connection with. One of those for us is

Savlen Sportswear by Mike Savlen, an artist, fisherman, and now apparel designer. I've followed Mike on his journey to transform his Savlen Studio paintings into wearable pieces of art over the past few months, and couldn't be more excited about what Savlen Sportswear has to offer and the potential it has to grow even more. "Catch Every Moment" is Savlen Sportswear's motto, and we definitely feel inspired and intrigued to live out that feeling day to day.  

Mr. ArtSea Chic and I stepped out with our little golden girl Andi to put the gear to the test in the elements of south Houston where it's still 85+ degrees! When looking for the right fishing apparel, one of the first things we consider is how we are going to protect ourselves from Texas' heat and direct sun exposure. Neither of us want to end up with mean red itchy sunburns when we get off the water! :| So breathable performance level shirts and hats are crucial for us to enjoy and focus on our fishing.

As you look at Mike's artwork on the apparel you can see how being an avid fisherman has helped him understand the movements, colorations, and environments of his subjects under the waters of our oceans, streams, flats, bays etc. The contrasting colors really captured our eyes and stand out extremely well in natural light.

Mr. ArtSea Chic wore Savlen Sportswear's Liquid Gold tech tee which is part of Mike's fly fishing collection, and a Bad to the Bone Trucker hat part of the in-shore and flats collection. Knowing he was going to be exposed to direct sunlight for half the day, Mr. ArtSea Chic wanted a comfortable performance long sleeve shirt that would vent well, a good fit that provided flexibility throughout his upper body, and a screen print that wasn't heavy - all of which the tech tee was able to provide. The hat he was a little hesitant about just because he was used to always wearing form fitted hats, but the light-weight cotton and mesh material was able to adjust and fit to the right sizing and the crest didn't itch his head. From past experiences with other snap-back hats though, his only concern would be the durability of the back's snaps to last a long time with extensive use.  

One of my favorite things to take in during our fishing trips is Mr. ArtSea Chic's talent for building custom freshwater and saltwater fishing rods. My man has some serious eye for craftsmanship!! :) It's an amazing feeling to fish with a rod that was custom built for a fishing environment of your choice with styling that compliments your personality.

I wore Savlen Sportswear's Sunset Strike tee part of Mike's offshore collection, and a Carolina blue Dockside Cap part of the branded collection. I would really like to see more of a performance long sleeve selection for women's shirts, because short sleeve is the only option right now...and man did I BURN! My neck especially with the shirt's v-neck front. You'll see how red I got in the video near the end of this post. Aside from burning though, the shirt fits great, is a breathable material, and I'd wear it both for fishing and casually. I also had some hesitations with my hat because the back's metal snap adjustment was really hard for me to move to the fit I wanted. I actually had to get my brother to adjust it for me once. Nonetheless, it absolutely provides a stable and secure fit even when wearing sunglasses, venting, and adequate sun block.

Even Andi got to experience Savlen Sportswear and she was lovin' it!

As we fished throughout the afternoon, Mr. ArtSea Chic decided to jig from the top of a bridge - within a minute he caught himself a nice looking bass and the catch of the day! Of course, he was released safely back into the water.

Andi had to have her celebratory redfish from Cabin Critters for being such a good girl. As you can see though, she loves her redfish very very much :) Might be time to get her a new best friend to play with for Christmas.haha

We had a great day near the water! Watch a behind-the-scenes recap from our day and why we love to fish in the video below:

Now we want YOU to go get out there and catch every moment too!

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