8 RV Coastal Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas is only a couple days from now! We've been living in our Jayco for a little over a month, and while we will be spending the holidays with family we added some dashes of coastal Christmas decor throughout our tiny home.

I made 8 coastal Christmas decorations sized for our RV, so easy to make you can do these last minute too. Part of living a coastal lifestyle means having a mindset that embraces what is naturally around you, only taking what you need, and appreciating nature. I try my best to remember this, especially during the holidays when there will be so much waste, trash, and consumption that will harm the environment.

If you've been following on Instagram, you know we have beautiful land and pine tree woods near us. I love the smell of evergreen pines, so as my first holiday decor project I harvested several dozen tree limbs, pine cones, vine branches and berry branches to make two natural wreaths to hand on the outside of the RV.

Instead of metal wreath forms, I attached vine branches together to make a thick circle base to attach the branches and pine cones. With sparkly ribbon and a set of awesome indoor/outdoor battery operated Christmas lights from Hobby Lobby, our front door is ready to shine! To hang the wreath we used a hefty suction cup on the glass window. Through heavy rain, wind and sunshine the suction cup has not fallen or moved!

The outdoor wreath on the front of the RV was made the same way the front door wreath was, except because of high winds no lights or ribbon were put on; they just wouldn't stay.

With extra ribbon and left over pine needle branches, I started working on the inside of the RV. For the fireplace I made, pine needle tassels, jingle seashell trees, and a custom little Christmas pine tree. :) In addition to these three projects, I couldn't find the ideal ornament to hang - so I whipped up a drawing of our RV in a snow globe (spoiler alert: it hasn't snowed in Houston).

With the pine needle tassels, leftover ribbon and cute mini ornaments I found at Hobby Lobby we hung our own version of garland. I love it so much!

Above - Mr. ArtSea Chic's version of wearing his Santa hat... had to share :) haha.

Every living room area is not complete without a comfy warm blanket. We have the fleece fly fishing blanket I made for Mr. ArtSea Chic getting used a ton now that it gets a little chilly in the evenings; just so happens it's Christmasy colors go great with our decor theme as well. Win-win.

Our cozy dinette space has a battery operated marquee letter and RV dish plate from Hobby Lobby. Can you tell I love shopping there yet? :) I also took a glass jar we weren't using and made a seashell ball with gold ribbon pieces to put in the middle of it. It just so happens that our dishware also matches our festive outdoors decor.

I love a simple look with a couple texture changes and this little space does all of that. To add other textures I made pine needle braided napkin holders topped with a jewel box seashell. They're easily able to be used year round!

Lastly, Mr. ArtSea Chic and I made our first Christmas cards together! We made them on

Walgreen's holiday cards website

and picked them up same day at our local store. So convenient and less expensive than other online greeting card websites or buying sets at the store when wanting custom cards. We featured our favorite memories from visiting Sanibel and Captiva Islands this summer, plus of course we included our new home.

Hope you enjoyed a little tour of how we decorated our RV for the holidays! The great thing about these decorations is that they can stay up all throughout most of winter. I'll probably switch things up around early February. 

See what else we're up to on InstagramTwitter and Facebook, we've got exciting plans coming up in the New Year. Mr. ArtSea Chic and I wish you and your family a happy Christmas and New Year!

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