Are You Eating Toxic Fish?

Goodness gracious, I just realized I made the most horrible grocery purchase the other day at Walmart, and I'm so thankful my mom sent me an email article I'm about to share with you - I hadn't opened the bag of fish and plan on returning it ASAP! When you are done reading, please share this with friends and family so they become aware too!!

So here's the problem, that bag of tilapia you see in the photo on the is a farm raised product of China, contains carbon monoxide as an ingredient to retain the color of the fish fillets, packages are shipped to the U.S. from China, and distributed nation-wide to Walmart stores people like you and I buy from and have not a clue that the fish is unsafe to eat unless you know what to look for on packaging and how the fish were treated before they were, well, killed or already dead.

I'm sorry but that tilapia is called GARBAGE. I told my boyfriend about this (he works for an industrial gas company) and he confirmed that the carbon monoxide keeps the fish 'looking' red fresh, even if it has already gone bad! Um, last time I checked I actually wanted fish that was safe for me to eat, not chemically induced toxic fish. I can only speak to fish products you might find at Walmart stores, but by all means this can hold true at any grocery store (Kroger, Albertsons, HEB, etc). So arm yourself with apprehension before buying fish and make sure the fillets are safe to feed your family by reading all the verbiage on the packaging. O and did I mention I have a salmon package that says 'product of China'... ya not too happy about this because it too will not be used.

This is REAL y'all, contaminated fish is not something that grocery stores should be selling, and they certainly shouldn't be profiting off the naiveness of consumers. I don't want you to buy into it! I even confirmed on if the "don't eat tilapia and other fish from China" thing was for real - and it is they even tell you why it's not safe.

Now, for the email article I want to share with you. Please read it in it's entirety, it's a little long, but it not only addresses fish, but other food products you most likely purchase for your family. I'll meet you at the end. "DO NOT EAT TILAPIA: I read several articles on Google about this, and even one that was defending the eating of tilapia said to avoid the fish that came from China.

Also, I had just returned home from buying Publix & Albertson's 4-day special of 4 bags of frozen tilapia for the price of one. Sure enough, on the top of the bags, it read "farm raised", and on the bottom in small print it said, "China". I recently saw a Food Inspector on TV...He said he had lived overseas and he had seen the filthy conditions their foods are raised and processed in. It is enough to make you throw up. Some foreign workers have to wear masks as they work in these places, because the food is so rotten and filthy, it makes them want to throw up.

Many of their fish on fish farms are fed raw sewage daily. He said he has seen so much filth throughout their food growing and processing that would "never" eat any of it. They raise this filth, put some food coloring and some flavorings on it, then they ship it to the USA for YOU to consume and feed to YOUR families. They have no Food & Safety Inspectors. They ship it to you to buy and poison your families and friends. Imported food we eat and the junk we buy.

Green Giant frozen vegetables are from China, and so are most of Europe's Best. Arctic Gardens are okay. So is Birdseye.

Never buy the grocery store garlic unless it is clearly marked from the USA or Canada, the other stuff is grown in people poop (even worse than chicken poop). China is the largest producer of garlic in the world, US is next.

Only buy local honey, much honey is shipped in huge containers from China and re-packaged here. Watch out for packages which state "prepared for", "packaged by" or "imported by".

I don't understand the lack of mandatory labeling, especially the produce. The country of origin should be clearly shown on the item in store. I go to the local farmers' markets in season and keep a wary eye open the rest of the year.

Please read this very carefully, and read to the very bottom. It's important for all of us. How is it possible to ship food from China cheaper than having it produced in the US or Canada?


The OUR FAMILY brand of mandarin oranges says right on the can "from China". So, for a few more cents, buy the LIBERTY BRAND, GOLD BRAND, or the DOLE it is from California. Beware, Costco sells canned peaches and pears in a plastic jar that come from China. All HIGH LINER and most other frozen fish products come from China or Indonesia. The package may say "Pacific Salmon" on the front, but look for the small print.

Most of these products come from fish farms in the orient where there are no regulations on what is fed to these fish.

Recently The Montreal Gazette had an article by the Canadian government on how Chinese feed the fish: They suspend chicken wire crates over the fish ponds, and the fish feed on chicken s--t. If you search the Internet about what the Chinese feed their fish, you'll be alarmed; e.g: growth hormones, expired antibiotics from humans.

Never buy any type of fish or shellfish that comes from these countries: Vietnam, China, or Philippines.

Check this out. I did. Steinfeld's Pickles are made in India - just as bad! Another example is in canned mushrooms. No-name brand came from Indonesia.

Also check those little fruit cups. They used to be made in Canada in the Niagara region until about 2 years ago. They are now packaged in China!

While the Chinese export inferior and even toxic products, dangerous toys, and goods to be sold in North American markets, the media wrings its hands! Yet 70% of North Americans believe that the trading privileges afforded to the Chinese should be suspended! Well duh! Why do you need the government to suspend trading privileges? SIMPLY DO IT YOURSELF, CANADA AND THE US.

Simply look on the bottom of every product you buy, and if it says 'Made in China' or 'PRC' (and now that includes Hong Kong), choose another product, or none at all. You will be amazed at how dependent you are on Chinese products, and you will be equally amazed at what you can do without. THINK ABOUT THIS...

If 200 million North Americans refuse to buy just $20 each of Chinese goods, that's a billion dollar trade imbalance resolved in our favor - fast! The downside? Some Canadian/American businesses will feel a temporary pinch from having foreign stockpiles of inventory. Just one month of trading losses will hit the Chinese for 8% of their North American exports. Then they will at least have to ask themselves if the benefits of their arrogance and lawlessness are worth it.

START NOW and don't stop."

Now, tell me does that not make you just plain angry! I'm all for safe trade from other countries - SAFE TRADE.

Ugh, I just had to go through my whole fridge, freezer, and pantry after I read that article email. I found that everything was 'Made in the USA' and/or 'packaged in the USA' except for these below plus the two fish packages above.

1. Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil

- product of Colombia, India, Philippines or Sri Lanka // packaged in the USA

2.  Kroger Lighter Flavor Olive Oil

- packed with oils of Italy, Spain, Greece, Tunisia // distributed in Ohio

3. Mazola Olive Oil

- product of Italy, Spain, Turkey, and Morocco // distributed in Tennessee 

4. Kikkoman Gluten-Free Soy Sauce

- product of Singapore // distributed in California

5. ** To my surprise McCormick Garlic Powder

- product of China // packed in the USA

6.** Great Value Garlic Powder

- product of China // distributed in Arkansas

7. Organics Organic Dill Weed - product of Italy, Egypt, USA // distributed in California

8. Rapunzel Organic Corn Starch

- product of Austria // distributed in Rhode Island 

9. Mainland Farms Fresh Strawberries

- product of Mexico

10. Naked Pure Coconut Water

- product of Indonesia // distributed by California

11. Flavorful Tomatoes Cherry Tomato

- product of Mexico greenhouses 

12. ** sure enough Great Value Mandarin Oranges in Light Syrup

- product of China // distributed in Arkansas

13. Morton Coarse Sea Salt

- product of Spain // distributed in Illinois 

14. Maizena Corn Starch

- product of Mexico // distributed in New Jersey

15. Spectrum Sesame Oil

- product of Mexico or USA // distributed in New York

...take the time now to clean out your kitchen, you'll be surprised what you find. I even found a moldy KRAFT dressing that hadn't even been opened that I messaged the company about.

A trend I noticed is that most Walmart store brand foods only mentioned they were distributed by the company out of Arkansas, but never mentioned what location the food was made in... makes me wonder knowing how Walmart is. Going forward I will be buying only products that tell me where my food is coming from.

I hope this information has helped some of you. Pass it on!


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