Back To The Roots Home for Splash

I've been all eyes on my new AquaFarm purchase from Back To The Roots since it was delivered a few days ago. Quite simply it is a self-cleaning fish tank that grows food! Fish waste feeds the plants - and the plants clean the water in the tank. How awesome right?! My new little beta fish, Splash agrees, it is a three gallon water mansion compared to the cup of blue water he was sitting in at Petsmart. I found Back To The Roots by chance on their AquaFarm Kickstarter campaign when they just started gathering enough funds from product supporters so that they could make their idea a reality! The company has been very transparent throughout the whole product launch process, and has even made videos for us as investors to see behind the scenes footage of the manufacturing. I love that Back To The Roots is helping their customers by spending dedicated time on their social media pages to help answer questions, concerns, and sharing the latest product information updates from their HQ in Oakland, California.

I'm a sucker for great marketing and product packaging, and I have to say that Back To The Root's packaging is one of the most creative, attractive, multi-purpose, and easy to understand packaging I've EVER seen. The recycled cardboard is efficiently put together and uses the inside panels to include an AquaFarm Adventure Story to read to kids as they begin their AquaFarm journey with their parents, and a Science Corner explaining how the AquaFarm works to create the aquaponics cycle. Can't lose any loose instructional papers now!

The AquaFarm comes with everything you need to start your tank except the water, fish, and decor pieces - which makes putting the AquaFarm together super easy. I also like that it has grips on the bottom of the tank so it doesn't slide around. This was my first time ever to set up a fish tank, so it took me a little longer than 30 minutes. I followed the instructions step by step and was able to set it up without a problem. *I'd recommend to get the fish(es) before you start to set up the tank so the fish(es) can sit and get used to the water temperature while you get everything else setup.

Included in the packaging is a discount for a beta fish at any Petco. This is a nice deal, but I didn't have one close to where I live so I just went to Petsmart and the betas there run from $2 to $12 depending on how fancy of a fish you want. If you don't like betas, you can certainly get any other type of small fish and have about 3 max. You can have snails as well if you really want. 

What's super nice is that you get 3 packets of seeds to grow plants you can actually eat! If you don't want to grow what's in the seed packets, you can plant in the pot containers other plants without dirt (super important you don't add dirt).

Seeds are all planted, so we'll see some sprouts hopefully in the next couple weeks. Make sure that the pump and the clear tube are letting enough air and water travel up into the grow tray; this was my problem on Day 1. I had to straighten out the clear tube and increase the water being brought up into the grow tray so the rocks could get more water.

Such a neat fish tank right? Beats any other fish tank out on the market and is also affordable at only $55.99 on the Back To The Roots website. Splash is just loving it and swims around more than any other Beta I've seen! He loves his natural balanced diet fish food too. See the video below and follow ArtSea Chic on Instagram at @ArtSeaChic for more videos and pics.


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