Beach Grass Coastal Snail Mail

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Beach Grass.

It's not often you get to see where I sit down every time I write, so I'm giving you all a little peek at where all the ArtSea Chic waves roll in from. I've tried the professional looking desk, but nothing feels more like home than my 10+ year old wooden desk I've had since I was a little girl. Has a lot of character to it, simple texture, but detailed features. The best part is that is goes perfectly with all my coastal decor no matter what.

I have been blessed to have traveled quite a bit inside of the United States, mainly in the South and along the east coast. Never to the West though, maybe I'll check that milestone off my list in a few years. I've done the whole Cancun trip many years ago, wasn't too appealing from what I remember, but I did grab that awesome queen conch shell from a vendor boat. It's been sitting on my desk ever since gracing me with its beauty. Same goes for the near perfect sand dollar one of my friends gave me when he went snorkeling in the reefs. One of my top favorite places I've traveled is Sanibel Island in Florida. I like to look up from my writing every now and then to daydream at my keepsake postcard from my first stay at Ocean's Reach. My leather strap palm tote from Turkish-T by Sue Joyce helps put me on a stroll along their beach too. Such a magical place for any shell enthusiast. 

Every time I write a post for you all I am constantly inspired to give you something beneficial to use in your own lives, whether it be a DIY, unveiling a coastal small business' products, or sharing my experiences and important information on what's happening in our environment. A good portion of that motivation comes from what I surround myself with at my desk area. I'm a strong believer that minimal clutter makes you feel less stressed and more empowered to be successful and organized. If you surround yourself with decor that has a story, you'll feel great and be more inclined to become a part of that story by the way you live your life. This is one reason I'm a big small business supporter, they all have their own unique stories that makes them standout from the crowd. A reminder of that dedication and craftsmanship for me is Mystic Knotwork's monkey fist keychain I keep on my desk by my beeswax angel candle my uncle made for me by using leftover beeswax from his bee hive harvests at his farm in Pennsylvania. One of my favorite conservation and recycled decor pieces is the aqua Seasodie bottle fish from Beach Grass. This fish is actually handmade out of a 2-liter plastic soda bottle and fishing line instead of heading to a landfill. 25 cents of each Seasodie bottle fish sold is matched by Beach Grass and donated to MARC (Marine Animal Rehabilitation Center) at the University of New England in Biddeford, Maine. For me, this is a fantastic reminder that something as simple as a plastic bottle can be crafted into a beautiful piece of art - while at the same time helping fund the education university students get at MARC saving stranded and wounded marine mammals and sea turtles.

Did you notice my four leaf clover?? You can only imagine how ecstatic I was when I found it while working outside in my parents yard and immediately took it inside to dry out and preserve. It's been my good-luck charm ever since.

Sometimes we can get caught up in wanting the trendiest coastal decor to match a room. I've been there. But over the years I have learned less is more, quality over quantity, and think twice before you impulse buy anything. Major weakness of mine is anything from Pier 1 Imports. That's where I found that stunning velvet plush teal pillow ...and bought three :) Getting my crafty hat on is something I have started to take more to heart. Trust me, you end up discovering you can actually make things you never thought you had the skill to do. Brings such a feeling of accomplishment. My most recent tutorial on how to make your own coastal succulent garden has opened my eyes to my inner green thumb I never really had. I can actually grow and propagate succulent plants! Part 2 of that tutorial will eventually land on the blog when all my succulent babies have grown more.

Two of my other desk favorites right now are Beach Grass' Bag of Summer and Vitamin Sea Candle. I never really got into the charm bracelet craze, the charms would always get in my way when writing or crafting, and I never really saw the point in collecting so many charms that the bracelet weighted more than a watch. Enter the Bag of Summer sold exclusively at Beach Grass...I'm totally in love with this super cute trend of collecting pocket charms for a mini Zen beach. Any day any time rearrange beachy charms in the dish with sand to tell your own beach story, with a reminder that 'It's always summer somewhere!'; a great gift alternative from the traditional charm bracelet.

In my hand right now is Beach Grass' exclusive pure soy candle called Vitamin Sea. Aside from the gorgeous aqua glass jar, this candle is like any other I have ever smelt before - seriously. If you're a candle collector that must have one burning in your home, I highly recommend giving Vitamin Sea a shot. You'll be hooked. I actually love the scent so much that I wish I could have lotion, shampoo, hand soap, etc in its fragrance. Whenever I need a pick-me-up it's my go-to candle. The smell is a fresh lemon verbena, coconut, and a whole lot of made in the USA love right out of Maine. Makes me think of a fresh tropical morning breeze by the seaside. Grab a jar for yourself or a friend!

Gift From The Sea by Anne Lindbergh from Beach Grass' shop now has a place on my desk. It's such an inspirational little book with words of wisdom from Anne during a beach trip to Captiva Island in Florida (right by Sanibel Island!) in 1955. Even though this was written after WWII 59 years ago, her advise on life for both men and especially women in America is exceptional and to the point. She talks about love, marriage, inner peace and contentment, aging, women's roles, and how we all are connected to the sea in the ways we live out our lives. A couple fun little facts:

* Her book has sold more than 3 million copies, has been translated into 45 different languages, and was a non-fiction bestseller in 1955! 

*Anne was aviator Charles Lindbergh's wife. He was most famous for his solo flights across the Atlantic Ocean.

*Anne was the first woman to earn a first-class gliders pilot's license in 1930.

The last ArtSea Chic desk feature I want to share with you all is Beach Grass' PostQuote Collection of coastal inspired postcards. Sampling each of the 18 designs created by Beach Grass was so much fun, and perfect for National Letter Writing Month this April. Most forget this is even a national awareness campaign, I myself wasn't aware until I saw it on Facebook. The holiday essentially promotes literacy and the art history of letter writing through sending snail mail via postcards, greeting cards, and letters. With all the technology out there today that allows us to send and receive messages in minutes, at least I feel sometimes it can be such a wash and impersonal. We all like tangible things, keepsakes, a piece to look back at in our hands when we grow older that tells a story of our past, and letter writing provides us with just that. It's even better when using glossy postcards with a coastal edge that have a unique quote on the backs.

This is my favorite postcard quote. :)

I do find it easier when postcards have a template already on them for mailing addresses so I know how much room I have to write before filling out the address information. Since Beach Grass' postcards didn't have a template already, I had a little fun with making my own template painted over in gold. I decided to get a head start on my Easter greetings to family, so gold matched the coastal colored back designs perfectly and gave it a little punch of shimmer and light. 

Unfortunately with postcards, if you don't put them in an envelope, people will see what you write and they will see your signature. With identity theft on the rise these days, you can never been too careful. On all my postcards I use a stamp that I've had since I was a teen that inspired how I normally write my signature, but isn't an exact match. I love my name stamp because it's simplistic yet elegant, and legible at the same time. These postcards will be shipped out by the end of today!

Hope you enjoyed my little desk tour and getting to see what inspires ArtSea Chic every day! Make sure to check out Beach Grass' shop for affordable coastal Easter basket stuffer gifts that tell a story.


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