Coastal Corner Makeover

Since Spring I've been meaning to do a little interior decorating to a corner in my room that was screaming to be filled with a couple coastal pieces, pictures, and accents. For the longest time I had wanted a seashell chandelier for my room, but could never find the right style or length I like for a reasonable price that wasn't being sold buy a large company. So I kept on putting off my little room makeover.

One day Loving Coastal Living posted handcrafted seashell chandelier pictures on their Facebook page, and one of them caught my eye so much I ordered their large spiral staircase chandelier. I loved that I was supporting a small business AND getting an awesome seashell chandelier! When it arrived, baby Lily and I just had to unwrap it and see what it looked like in person. Baby Lily is a very curious Morkie :) 

The chandelier was a beautiful design and pattern of shells! The off-white, brown, and cream colors matched perfectly with the rest of my room and it was long enough, about 52'' long, to fill vertical empty corner space.

After I got the chandelier hung up, I started doing some crating to display some of the many shells we brought back from Sanibel Island, Florida in June. So I made a little wooden display case, painted it white, and then hot glued rope on the outer sides to give it a more coastal look. It fit all my favorite shells perfectly! I do need to find some more sea glass though, I don't have very many pieces :|

After I finished that project, I moved on to upcycling a plank of old wood that was sitting in the garage. I drew out the shape of Texas and took it to one of my neighbor's to have him cut it out for me since I couldn't find any Texas wood pieces at Hobby Lobby. After it was all cutout, I decided to paint it a mixture of teal, aqua, and light blue to match my plush Pier 1 Import throw pillows on my couch. I topped the background with a gold painted "Deep in the heart of Texas' quote and hot glued a starfish to where my heart will always be!

I put up my Living Simplistically driftwood letter 'T' on a new wall next to the shell chandelier, and then made two shell picture frames from wooden shadow boxes I found at Hobby Lobby. Thanks to everyone on Facebook and Instagram who gave feedback in the design process!

Still a wall in progress. I want to eventually fill up the back corner wall enough over the couch to make it feel like the ultimate coastal collage recap from our beach trips and different treasures we've found over the years. I'm sure there will be plenty more things to add ;)


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