Coastal Farmhouse Jayco Pinnacle 36KPTS Renovation Reveal

It’s been many long nights and weekends dedicated to slowly covering up the “brown box” interior our 2015 Jayco Pinnacle 36KPTS came with (seriously every single thing was brown). This month not only marks 3 years of full-time RV living, but also RENOVATIONS ARE DONE!!

We used our blank canvas to try to bring out coastal farmhouse textures and color schemes that inspire us, adding in personal memories and small patches of nature that reflect the ways we value our natural resources and outdoor activities.

When the time comes to part ways with our first home on wheels, it will be one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to let go of. So much love, time and creativity was spent on transforming this space to be a reflection of what our future home might be like when we settle down in a place with an actual cement foundation.haha

Coastal Farmhouse Jayco Pinnacle 36KPTS Renovation Reveal.jpg

I want to give you a better understanding of just how brown everything was before all the renovations started. Looking down from our tiny staircase… a sea of brown. Looking up the staircase at the bathroom and bedroom… a sea of brown. I would be driven absolutely crazy if I were to live among this onslaught of no color, that’s why I called it a brown box, and now you’ll be able to look at the photos below and fully understand. :)

This is exactly what our tiny home on wheels looked like when we drove it off the lot from the dealer. After deep cleaning every inch of space including the ceiling and walls, we were ready to begin ripping things apart and putting on a new look.

RV Living Space_Before
RV Kitchen_Before
RV dining_Before.JPG
RV Bedroom_Before.JPG
RV Bathroom_Before.JPG
RV Staircase_Before.JPG

From our many stops at the docks of marinas, I wanted to keep some the dark rich wood appearance that reminded me of old antique sailboats. We used this color to outline different features throughout the RV like slides, windows, ceiling molding and hard to clean/bound to get dirty spots. This allowed us to bring out more character and actually give depth to our space that otherwise would’ve felt half as small.

The first spot we transformed was the back where the two individual reclining chairs were at. We took down the hideous valences and wallpaper trim, sold the chairs and covered an air vent to reroute airflow to other areas of the living area to prep for putting in a built-in window bench!

Why a window bench? Not only does this allow for more seating and cubby-hole storage space, but also an additional comfortable sleeping spot for a guest. I cut in half the foam topper we had bought to put on top of the bed that came with the RV in our bedroom and made a full twin XL foam mattress with protector topper. We’re able to switch out the fabric cover on top since I custom sew each cover like a fitting sheet.

This space is highly favorited by Andi and as a sunbathing spot too. After taking down all the valences and putting up actual curtain rods to hold custom sewn blackout curtains, there is so much more light and airy space. It made sense that this would be the spot to do an accent wall, so of course shiplap had to be involved! We weren’t going to make any holes in the walls, so I came up with DIY shiplap and I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out.

Window Bench_After.JPG

Even though we sold two recliner chairs, we still had a double recliner we kept because it was super comfortable and in direct view of the entertainment center. After having leather furniture, it’d be hard for me to switch to anything else. They’re so easy to clean!

In this corner of the slide we also took down all the valences and put up blackout curtains. On purpose all the curtains in the RV are custom sewn to be much longer than each window sill to keep any cold draft contained and instead move further down to the ground, thus keeping us a little warmer.

RV Recliner_After.JPG
RV Entertainment_After.JPG
Young Living Diffuser.JPG
RV Dining_After.JPG

Moving on down the slide is our dining area and another top favorite transformation. Take a look back at what it was before - so much more inviting now right? I painted the slide walls and ceiling the same color so that the back wall was a softer accent wall of light blue.

Todd was able to remove the overhead light and rewire/install our antique passageway light found at the Rockport Nautical Flea Market. After a good clean and adding on a dimmer switch, it’s a great addition to our coastal flair. If we ever find an antique side-extended passageway light, the black light that sticks out like a sore thumb will eventually be taken down but we’ve yet to stumble across that find and prefer to upcycle.

I got to do my first-ever upholstery DIY for this space because the sight of the original chair fabric just had to go. To play off the white curtains and our living area rug I found scrap tan/white lined fabric at JoAnn’s for cheap and fitted over the original fabric.

RV Kitchen_After.JPG
DIY Herringbone Backsplash.JPG

I had so much fun with our kitchen space because quite honestly ANYTHING I did was going to be so much better. Unlike most RV renovations you might’ve seen that get white slapped all over the place, I opted for grey cabinets and Giani Inc white diamond kit to make custom marbled countertops to accent the black fixtures and appliances.

The backsplash was originally a piece of plastic-thin mirror and had to go. So I got Todd’s help with precise measurements on making a DIY shiplap herringbone tile backsplash that has a wood grain look and satin finish.

With new paint and a little bit of organization, the cooking space feels more open and is actually more enjoyable and inspiring when thinking up what meal we’ll make next.

RV Island_After.JPG
Dog Toy Basket.JPG
Dog Bowl.JPG

We carried the steely gray color and white marbled countertop to the kitchen island to unify the area a little more. We actually removed a cabinet that was on the side of the island to make space for a bar stool, or in actuality, Andi’s basket of toys. :)

Her water and food bowls fit great on the other side and still leaves us with room to walk around. If you have a messy eater pup, I highly recommend looking at a Soggy Dog mat. It’s washable, soaks up any spilled water and if your dog tends to take their food from the bowl over to the nearest carpet, this just might fix that problem and keep them eating in one spot.

RV Kitchen Cabinets_Before.JPG

You’ve seen half of our RV at this point and you’re probably thinking, wow that’s actually a lot of space for an RV. You’re right! Keep in mind it’s 40’ long and we have three slide-outs that expand our space even more when we’re parked.

The next area isn’t all that exciting and I’ll tell you why; I was tired of painting haha, kind of, but where our floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets are and up through the small staircase is the most walked area daily. It was best that we didn’t invest the time to paint these cabinets and walls because I knew I’d end up touching-up paint scratches so frequently I’d probably wish there was no paint at all. So that’s what happened. Now, on to our “second floor”!

RV Staircase_After.jpg

Inspiration for our tiny staircase row of memories came from my Abuelitos’ old home. I would love looking at photographs of family and past travels that brought back good times. Everything you’ve seen on our walls is held up by Command Hooks or Command Strips and doesn’t need to be taken down when we pull the RV.

We have a single bathroom upstairs and we carried the white marbled countertops into this space as well as the light blue walls. I opted not to paint the cabinets in here for the same reason I mentioned earlier about not wanting to have to deal with re-touching paint.

We really got lucky on finding the floorplan that worked best to fit a really tall person in a shower. It’s crazy how some RVs come with showers that even my 5’2’’ self can barely fit in. We loved how the walls on ours went all the way up to the ceiling, plenty of storage space and a chair. I personally love the waterfall textured sliding door, gives it all a spa-like feel.

RV Bathroom_After.JPG
RV Shower_After.JPG
RV Bathroom Storage_After.JPG

The final space of the tour is the master bedroom!

Andi’s preferred sleeping spot is by the window so I made her a fleece bed with her favorite woodland animal friends on it. :) She’s a sucker for anything fleece or leather.

We brought our DIY shiplap technique into the bedroom to make a panel accent wall against our headboard that would brighten up the space a bit since the blackout curtains do their job well! We find many people are always in search of an alternative mattress to replace the one that comes in their RV from the dealer. We were very thankful Todd’s parents gave us their older California King Sleep Number mattress, we never knew how much quality sleep we were missing out on before transitioning to this technology! The mattress fit perfectly and we didn’t need to alter the bed board at all.

Dog Bed_After.JPG
RV Bedroom_After.JPG
RV Sleep NumberAfter.JPG

We love our RV dearly, but plan on living in it for perhaps another 2 years before switching gears to a cottage vibe home, at which that point we’d use the RV for recreational use.

Interested in buying or renovating an RV? Leave a comment below if you have any questions and we’ll chat more!


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