DIY Coastal Farmhouse Curtain Tiebacks

Summer's sun is on its way, which means running our A/C more to combat the heat. As a full-time RVer, because of this you find yourself keeping windows closed and curtains pulled together, leaving your living space without any sunshine and you don't get a beneficial dose of vitamin D. 

I love leaving a window open when the weather is mid-70s to low-80s with a slight breeze and pulling back all the blackout curtains. There's something about those sunbeams coming in that gives you more energy. I don't like a high electric bill though, so I crafted our own coastal farmhouse curtain tiebacks to bring in some outdoor light and reflect the rest of the heat.

DIY Coastal Farmhouse Curtain Tiebacks.jpg

These tiebacks are easy to make, here's a list of supplies you will need:

Once you have all your supplies, you're ready to make your first! Follow these steps:

1. Cut 43'' of your nautical rope. About 11'' down from the middle loop, tie a knot.

Coastal Farmhouse Curtain Tieback Step 1.JPG

2. Add 4 wooden beads to 1 rope strand.

Coastal Farmhouse Curtain Tiebacks Step 2.JPG

3. Prep your hot glue gun. Cut 2 faux lambs ear or dusty miller leaves. Add a drop of hot glue into the bottom bead hole and insert the stems quickly afterwards. Cut any remaining nautical rope showing and seal with hot glue.

Coastal Farmhouse Curtain Tiebacks Step 3.JPG

4. Cut 20'' of jute string and tie off where the last wood bead meets the leaves. Wrap the remaining jute around the area to a thickness you want. Then cut the string and seal with hot glue.

Coastal Farmhouse Curtain Tiebacks Step 4.JPG

5. Cut the second nautical rope strand and hot glue the end.

Coastal Farmhouse Curtain Tiebacks Step 5.JPG

That's it! 

Since we don't want to put any holes in our RV walls, I used command hooks to act as the holders for the tiebacks. They match our brushed silver appliances in the kitchen and what we used for our curtain rod holders, so they don't look out of place. For our heavier blackout curtains, it takes two tiebacks per curtain. 

We can also use the tiebacks without any command hook holders by wrapping the tieback around the curtain and then slipping the end through the loop to stay in place.

Coastal Farmhouse Curtain Tiebacks Full Window.JPG
Single Window Coastal Farmhouse Curtain Tieback.JPG

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Leave a comment if you make your own and let me know how good it looks. :)




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