DIY Coastal Holiday Peppermint Chapstick

Let me warn you, after you read this easy-to-do peppermint chapstick recipe you'll never go back to buying those $3-$5 chapstick tubes at the store ever again - plus they'll make fabulous holiday gifts for everyone on your list, and they can all be made in one batch!

I wanted to give a gift that I could make myself that would be beneficial to the health of all my family members as we brace this cold winter weather. With lips being susceptible to getting chapped, dry, and sometimes even cut when the skin doesn't get enough protection and moister, an all-natural chapstick that would REALLY WORK seemed to be the answer, and found the perfect recipe from The Revived Kitchen to make it happen with an added coastal touch. I've been using a chapstick from this recipe for the past month and absolutely love how smooth the application is and the peppermint smell. 

First things first gather all your recipe supplies and ingredients (I recommend looking at HEB first and then Whole Foods). I'm fairly new to the all-natural DIY projects, so I had to do some searching on Amazon to find the beeswax needed. This recipe will make almost exactly 10 full chapstick tubes.

* 1 TBSP shea butter

* 1 TBSP Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil

* 2 TBSP Olive Oil

* 2 TBSP Organic Beeswax Pellets (if you find a local bee keeper that can produce these that's better!)

* 20 Drops of Peppermint Essential Oil

* 10 .15oz Empty Chapstick Tubes

The process of preparing the mixture goes rather fast, so lay all your ingredients out on the counter to get them ready to go. You won't want this mixture to stay standing without low heat or else it will harden.

In a small pot, combine and melt on low heat the shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, and beeswax pellets. You'll know that the mixture is properly melted when the beeswax pellets are melted completely. Stir frequently to mix the ingredients all together. Finally, turn down the heat and add the 20 drops of essential oil to the mixture and stir. Essential oils go a long way, so don't over do the drops.

Once everything is melted, you'll want to grab a funnel. Pour the mixture from the pot into the funnel and into the chapstick tubes. Fill the tubes all the way to the very top. The mixture will eventually cool down within 30 minutes and turn from a dark yellow into the soft creamy looking color we all are familiar with seeing.

Once your chapstick tubes have cooled for at least 30 minutes, you can put the caps on them and let them set. Now make your coastal holiday tube labels! 

I've designed FREE printable .15oz chapstick labels in an assortment of different coastal nature animals for your convenience. All you have to do is download the file, print on regular paper stock, cut them out and line only the front of each label with clear tape to protect the label. The tape also gives the tube a high-gloss finished look that is more appealing to look at in my opinion (and it's cheaper than buying laminating paper). After lining the labels with tape, I recommend hot gluing them to the tubes so it's easy to remove the labels when you need to refill them. To download the Holiday .15oz Chapstick Labels, click here. The file is also available on the 'Printables' page of the blog.

And there you have it! The easiest and healthiest chapstick recipe that has just saved you from running to the store and spending too much money. This peppermint chapstick's all-natural and organic ingredients are a worry-free beauty must-have. Below are health benefits according to Exhibit Health when using the peppermint essential oil.

- Increases alertness

- Improves blood circulation

- Provides stress relief

- Increases immunity

- Helps with headaches

- Increases oxygen

- Decreases pain

- Calms itchy skin conditions

Hope you like making your own coastal holiday peppermint chapsticks! Let me know how it works for you.

Coastal Peppermint Chapstick DIY

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