Gli Italiani Amano La Spiaggia!

Day 5 was our honorary Sit Back N' Chill Day. We slept in, applied 100% pure aloe vera on all our burns upon wakening, and ate breakfast at the condo. We then headed to the beach for an early afternoon beach stroll. Gli italiani amano la spiaggia! Which means Italian's love the beach! in Italian, was quite the motto of the day for me. I sometimes feel my inner percentage of Italian ancestry sneaking out of me, haha plus Mr. ArtSea Chic is part Italian, so there's an even better chance of it happening. :)

Mr. ArtSea Chic went in for a snorkel and found another sand dollar!

After a few hours, we went back up to the condo to have some sandwiches for lunch while looking out over our growing stash of collected shells, driftwood, and other beach finds. There is nothing more satisfying than a good sandwich made by Mr. ArtSea Chic paired with fruits ;) YUM!

We didn't do a whole lot during the day, which our burns thanked us for. Just did some laundry and cleaning around the condo to prepare for the next half of the week. Dinner time came around and we wanted to beat the crowds, so we decided to head out around 6PM towards Matzaluna Restaurant. Yup, you guessed it, and Italian restaurant!

A little cultural fact about me - I'm Colombian, Polish, and a small percentage of Italian.

I was raised heavily within traditions, appreciation for different cultures, and ultimately what you're 'supposed' to wear based on family expectations and representations. Being born in America right here in Texas, but raised in these different cultures all at the same time, was very challenging but eye opening once I was old enough to truly appreciate the overall value my heritage had given my lifestyle.

I like to think I got my ancestors sense of fashion ;) SIMPLICITY. I like the carefully thought-out details, the fine lines, the beauty of a solid coat of color, and having the primary focal point be on the person and not the attire. You can look inside my closet and find over 85% of my clothes are solid colors. I've just never been about the pattern, I've always targeted the right fit for my body. Must be an Italian thing.haha

When it comes to jewelry, no word can better describe my use than MINIMALISTIC. I don't wear too many pieces at once, and they always have to match in either tone, style, or meaning. When Mr. ArtSea Chic's sister-in-law gave me this gold trimmed shell necklace with an anchor charm made by Boutique Minimaliste for my birthday - I was instantly a huge fan. All handmade out of Lisbon, Portugal with such amazing sytle! See...back to my European roots now!

We arrived to Matzaluna! This was our first time trying it out and we loved all the Italian flair and Italian-American memorabilia that covered the walls inside. The food was delicious paired with a glass of wine, and was a great ending to a very relaxing day with everyone.

Family - where life begins, and love never ends.

(excuse any proportional defects in my state and country artwork ha!)


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