Grapefruit Chapstick Bee My Valentine DIY

A few weeks ago I got a lovely package from my grandparents with sticks of 100% pure raw beeswax from my great uncle's bee farm in Pennsylvania! I was so excited to shave them down and use them in my next batch of chapstick - but I was also unsure how strong this beeswax would be since I used organic pellets in the past. I did the same measurement's from the recipe made with beeswax pellets, and they came out perfectly.

With all this raw organic goodness to use and Valentine's Day coming up, figured I'd make my own valentines to give family members. It'd be something they could use every day and feel the joy of it being made with beeswax straight from our great uncle's bee farm. It smells heavenly with the grapefruit!

If you want to make these Valentines too, first thing you'll want to do is hop on over to my DIY Coastal Holiday Peppermint Chapstick tutorial to see the full instructions on how to make your own chapstick. In place of peppermint essential oil, instead use grapefruit essential oil. Once you make the chapstick, come back here and follow the instructions on how to put together your valentines.  

To make your valentine's you'll need to download, print and cut-out the FREE printables I've designed for you available on the Printables page of the blog.

*.15oz chapstick labels (print on regular paper) in an assortment of 'love', 'sweet', and regular hearts

*Bee My Valentine 4x6'' Cards (print on cardstock paper) in an assortment of red, golden yellow, and black.

Once you have everything cut out, line only the front of each chapstick label with clear tape to protect the label. The tape also gives the tube a high-gloss finished look that is more appealing to look at in my opinion (and it's cheaper than buying laminating paper). After lining the labels with tape, I recommend hot gluing them to the tubes so it's easy to remove the labels when you need to refill them.

When you've finished labeling the chapstick tubes, take the valentine cards you've cut out, grab a ruler and fold in half only the portion of the card with the white bee to make a little crease. Find the center of the white bee and measure a .5'' high holder for your chapstick. Mark the top and bottom carefully. From those two points you marked, measure out .5" wide and cut.

The holder should be wide enough to slip the chapstick tube in and hold it snug. The tube should not fall when you hold up the cards.

DIY Chapstick

If you want to personalize your valentine cards even more, take a pen and write the names of the recipients on the blank holders. Pretty cute huu?! Way more fun than paying for a box of valentines at the store.

This grapefruit chapstick's all-natural and raw organic ingredients are a worry-free beauty must-have, and mack a perfect match for Valentine's Day! Below are health benefits according to Organic Facts when using grapefruit essential oil. If you make these around spring or summer time, please be aware that if you have very sensitive skin, wearing this chapstick in prolonged sun exposure might cause irritation due to the citrus of the grapefruit.

- It smells and tastes good - yup it's a stimulant to help your metabolism stay in order!

- Rich in antioxidants to help boost your immune system

- Protects from toxins and infections

- Helps slow aging, degeneration of tissue, and loss of hearing and vision

- Helps protect against nervous disorders

- Keeps your heart healthy

- Cleans kidneys by removing toxins

- Acts as an antidepressant by inducing positive feelings of hope, relives stress, and has uplifting effects on the brain

- Helps keep your skin clean (good for treating acne and oily skin)

Have fun making your valentines! 


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