How to Have an Adventure in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Since the first time I went snorkeling at the U.S. Virgin Islands in 2007 in St. Thomas, I've been hooked on doing it anytime I go to the beach. You miss a lot staying on the coastline, so why not explore a few feet out on the ocean?! Depending on where you snorkel, the types of fish you get to see are amazing, not to mention the moments when you see stingrays or sea turtles are great! Most hotels/resorts provide gear and towels you can rent out for the day and take with you to guided tours or the beach out back.

I'd definitely recommend visiting St. Thomas, St. John, Coral World Ocean Park and their Sea Trek adventure, Megan's Bay, Secret Harbor, and Downtown Charlotte Amalia. Beaches in Florida are nothing compared to these destinations. If you're thinking about a travel spot for the summer, the good thing about the U.S. Virgin Islands is if you're a U.S. citizen you don't need you're passport with you 24/7. Getting around the island requires a taxi (fares are pretty expensive) or the local bus system. If you'd rather walk you can, but I would rather get a bike.


Iguanas are every where on St. Thomas.

Sea turtles are common around St. Thomas, which is why the park has a rehabilitation center on site.

The park has different pools of marine life, like sharks, fish, and crabs.

Open pool with stingrays.

The underwater observatory that houses the Sea Trek.

Down 20 feet under!

I don't know what kind of fish this is, but it's of the squid family for sure.


Inside an outdoor shopping mall. Wish we had this layout in Texas!

Carrying around my snorkeling gear; only bad thing about a full day of tours.

Old brick buildings turned into little vintage and upscale shops. I'd park and walk everywhere here if you decide to rent a car.


A great beach to go to if you like to do different water activities and lay out on the sand.


I love that this beach has a cafe on site and the palm trees make it feel so tropical!


Yup, there's even an iguana on the beach lovin' the ocean too.

Comforting right?...

Snorkeling was absolutely the best here in St. John's Trunk Bay!

Our tour guide Charlie telling us about St. John's history and what he gets to enjoy as a local.

Looking down over Trunk Bay from the road.

Sailboat lovers paradise.

The water is SO clear here you can see straight down for many feet.

At Trunk Bay! Great place to snorkel since there is a little island not too far from the mainland.

Overlooking the town from a hillside road.

 This was my favorite snorkeling spot of the whole trip. Trunk Bay has everything...

Baby swordfish.

All sorts of fish in the rocks and coral.

School of swordfish.

A sea turtle eating!

A gray stingray (center)...people freaked out when they saw it pass by.


This was a great place to stay while in St. Thomas. You'll love the pool...

The view from our room window and balcony.

Sunset view from our room window and balcony.

The walkway towards the beach, pool, and pool bar area.

Isn't it amazing! Loved it.

Part of the resort.

Lobby area inside.

Iguanas... they were every where.

Here's the taxi fares to and from the resort... expensive, but that's how it is.

Small barista cafe on the second floor of the resort.

The beach on the resort property. They do weddings and family reunions too.

The view from up top when you climb down and up the stairs.

So overall the trip to St. Thomas and St. John was amazing. There are certain cultural things you'll find very different even though it is considered part of the U.S. Don't expect a big airport when you land, it's very small and you have to walk down a few stairs next to the plane to go to the main terminal.

If you're thinking about going or have some questions about the area I'd be happy to help you out as much as I can, just leave a comment!

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