How To Never Have A Dead Gadget Battery When Exploring The Outdoors

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Flybox Gadgets.

If you're always on the go like Mr. ArtSea Chic and I are, you probably make sure phones are charged the night before so a full battery will get you through the day. However, most times we end up taking turns plugging into our car's adapters because the power drains out within hours. It can be hard to make sure everything is charged ready to capture memories and communicate with others while traveling, which is why we started looking into solar powered gadgets to solve our problem.

We were introduced to the Flybox Gadgets' SQ1 waterproof solar power bank earlier this year and were eager to try it out during our first road trip of 2016 down to the corner of Texas/Louisiana at Sea Rim State Park.  

Flybox Gadgets is an environmentally friendly business with a focus on helping keep our Earth clean through their product offerings. Just like us they are outdoor enthusiasts, personally using the products they sell in active lifestyle activities in the wilderness, in the sky, on the coast and wherever adventure takes them.

Unlike other solar power chargers, their SQ1 has a Samsung Li-Po battery almost 3x as strong compared to others we had tested, plus it comes with four suction cups for attaching to windows, a carabiner and USB device charging cords. One of the features we like the most about the way the gadget has been made is that it has 2.1 amp output ports, meaning it will charge faster and better (no more slow charges, woohoo!). All we have to do is give it a good charge at home and then when we need more power we feed it some bright sun beams. The dual LED light bars are also a nice touch and come in handy to turn on when it's dark outside, they're bright!

The only trouble we had was keeping the suction cups attached to the gadget/window while driving. The weight of the gadget, even though it is very light (290g to be exact), would cause the cups to slip off or detach from the window which was frustrating. However, when I spoke with Flybox Gadgets directly about this, I was reassured that this concern was known and being addressed as a top priority for improvement. They said when they manufacture suction cups with the perfect fit, they will mail a new set of upgraded cups to current customers for free - which is honestly fantastic customer service because not many companies think like that anymore.

At the beach I dropped it in the water, made sure it came in contact with sand and the salty air, and it still works today. :) The SQ1 is all sorts of durable: waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, flameproof, slip proof and shatter resistant. Now, I didn't put it in fire or run over it with Mr. ArtSea Chic's truck - but I'm sure it would still come out alive since it has a shock absorbing ABS shell!ha

We were able to charge both our iPhone and Android during our trip without having to worry about being near the car if we needed a recharge. Let me tell you, that feeling alone is amazing.

Even though we were out in the sun all day, the gadget didn't overheat at all. Our phone batteries lasted all day on one charge and the power bank was still full for more charges. How did we know? There are indicator lights on the side that tell you when you might need to feed some sun beams, which is helpful to know.

Overall we've loved using the SQ1 and will continue to use it. Testing it out turned into quite the memorable experience, because guess what y'all I'm ENGAGED! :D

Mr. ArtSea Chic proposed while we were shelling on the beach... I had no idea what was going on at all. Wasn't expecting to find a scallop shell on a Texas beach. :) You can watch the video below to see what I mean and then go grab yourself a SQ1 waterproof solar power bank to use during your outdoor adventures this year! (ehm, we can't guarantee you'll get a proposal when making a purchase) :)

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