How to Prevent No-See-Ums by Using NoOoOOo No-See-Um Spray

Bug bites can be very annoying when you're trying to enjoy the beach, going out to dinner, or walking around town. Yesterday, all of my family got to try out a repellent called NoOoOOo No-See-Um thanks to Ocean's Reach! It deters no-see-ums, mosquitos and black flies. It contains all natural ingredients: 3% lemongrass oil, 3% cirtonella oil, 1% geranium oil, and 93% of both de-ionized water and sodium benzoate. The bottle is recyclable too! It worked for us, maybe it will work for you too, here's our feedback about the product:

Test #1 at approximately 2 p.m. on the beach:

My brother and I tested the repellent first. The No No-see-um repellent was easy to spray, no drips from the bottle's release if you do a full push-down spray-on. This ensures that your hands won't get saturated with the spray and end up on your face or in your eyes. This product is a great alternative supplement to bug wipes like Off! Deep Woods Insect Towelettes that get hands saturated with repellent and increase risks of harming eyes or going into the mouth.

Daniel testing out the NoOoOoOOOoo No-See-Um Repellent.

We love the smell! It's not your average bug spray smell that you try and get rid of after 15 minutes. The lemongrass oil is a common ingredient in aromatherapy products for various manufacturers like Bath & Body Works and hair products, which would make it appeal to women and small children the most I think. However, do the bees, hornets and wasps on the Oceans Reach property love the sweet smell too? We did not feel like welcoming the bugs to our arms this afternoon, so we left that to Test #2.

The repellent drys on your skin quickly and does not leave an oil residue, love that.

Me testing the repellent out next.

Goes on clear, drys clear and smells good. The front of the bottle is attractive with colors respective to what it promotes to keep away (yellow- no-see-ums, black- black flies, the bug's red mouth- mosquitos). The bottle at first glance for environmentally aware consumers rings recyclable.

The back of the bottle is organized and leads your eyes to the most important information via the blue background blocks (ingredients, way to dispose bottle, cautionary measures). However, depending on the demographics Oceans Reach brings in, the small print may not be appealing to those older in age or with poor eye sight. To combat this weakness, if the product is put for sale in the office, a nice poster with the main information could be displayed.

Another observation is there seems to be no expiration date located on the bottle. This could certainly be a frequent reoccurring question that comes up by mothers or young adults. Ways to combat this weakness: A sign that says it never expires (if it doesn't), mark the bottles with a Sell Buy date, ask the manufacturer the best usage length of time before disposal.

Seems like it will be good seller so far!

Indoor seating area at RC Otters.

Test #2 at approximately 5-9 p.m. on Captiva Island beach and dining area: The whole family tested out the repellent while dining at RC Otters for dinner. They have both an outdoor and a small indoor seating area, which can cause flies to be attracted to the yummy food inside and bug you while you're eating... but not so much if you wear the repellent! It worked great as far as I could tell. The flies would swing by you maybe once or twice but then they had enough and just sat looking at you on the wall or went to fly around another table.ha 

Taking a walk after diner to the shops and places to eat down the road around 7:40 p.m.

After dinner we took a walk down the road to a small shop and just to see what else was going on at other restaurants. We passed by The Bubble Room! This area had a lot of shrubs and tall trees making it cooler and shady, but hardly any bugs on us! So far no wasps, bees, or hornets have liked the lemongrass oil smell, YES!

3 hours plus and still going strong! We didn't reapply the repellent around 8 p.m. because well, it was still working. We went out to the beach near the Mucky Duck English Pub to see the sunset and take a few pictures. Lots of people for the night's watch. No problems with the bugs still and led to a great night of no itching!

That's my review of the NoOOOOooo No-See-Um repellent. It's actually made right here in Sanibel, Florida by Velmaxxx Enterprises, Inc. For more information on if the product will be sold at Oceans Reach's Office, or how to get yourself a bottle or two, please contact the office at Oceans Reach or visit


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