How to Make Rosemary Wreaths for Year-round Display

National Craft Month is coming to a close as spring is finally here! One of my favorite crafts you can have displayed all year round are rosemary wreaths. They’re not just for the winter holidays as some may think.

The traditional round shape of wreaths have a rich history for symbolizing growth, strength, eternity, an everlasting life and remembrance that never is forgotten. Knowing this, it’s no wonder why wreaths are so popular around the holidays, including spring.

Rosemary wreath making dates as far back as 500 B.C. when the Greeks and Romans also used the herb for medical and culinary needs for flavor, preservation and reducing inflammation. These hearty evergreens are also used for their aromatherapy properties that can help us relax from a stressful day and bring back clarity to the mind.

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Rosemary, in my opinion, is a fairly forgotten sacred herb. It’s been used throughout history to ward off evil spirits, show honor to the deceased, promote prosperity and good health.

It has a strong aroma when cut fresh, so I advise any sensitive allergy sufferers to just be careful on how long you breathe in the smell. If you are allergic to evergreens in general, this craft is not for you. The smell and oils on your hands would quickly agitate whatever reaction your body produces when coming into contact with them. Try making wreaths with fresh lavender, boxwood, or Magnolia leaves instead.

If you don’t have your own rosemary bushes to get fresh sprigs from, now is a great time to consider planting a new bush so you can harvest in the fall or next season! They’re so low maintenance and love some sunshine with water every so often, that’s my kind of plant.

Here are the supplies you’ll need for making your fresh rosemary wreath:

  • Wire cutters

  • Scissors

  • Rosemary bush sprigs

  • Wire wreath frame in the shape of your choice

  • Green floral wire

The size of your wire wreath frame will determine how many sprigs of rosemary you need. There’s no set number per size, it really depends on how full and thick you want your wreath. My medium sized wire frame took about 50 sprigs that were about 12’’ each, the smaller frames probably took about 30 sprigs that were about 6’’ each, but I don’t usually count I just bundle as I go until I get the look I want.

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First, gather all your cut sprigs and soak them in water for 20-30 minutes so bugs and dirt fall out of the stems and leaves. Once they’ve been soaked lay them out to dry on paper towels or a clean surface for a couple hours. After they’re dry to the touch you’re ready to start bundling sprigs. Don’t wait till the next day to start bundling, the sprigs will dry up too much and not be as flexible as you’d want.

To make the first piece of your wreath put together a bundle of sprigs and tie down to the frame with a piece of floral wire. Your second bundle should layer on top of the first enough to cover the floral wire and create an even transition from the first bundle’s top leaves to the second bundle.

Rosemary Wreath Making.JPG

Keep bundling sprigs until you’ve gone all the way around the frame. It’s that simple!

You can add ribbon or other sprigs of plants to your wreath using the same process to tie down to the wire frame. I like to keep mine plain most of the time because it goes with everything without having to redecorate.

The key to a fresh wreath that will last all year long is doing all these steps within the same day so your wreath keeps its form and greenery longer before the leaves start to dry out. Leaves will dry eventually and some will fall out if moved too much, so choose a place to hang your wreath where it won’t get budged too often. I had my first set of wreaths last 2 years before it was time to take them apart and reuse the wire frames to make a new set.

This DIY is a great activity to pair with a light lunch and a glass of wine outside with a breeze. The cooler days of spring are coming to an end, enjoy all that sunshine!

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