Until Next Time Sanibel

We have reached Day 8 of our trip to Sanibel Island, our final full day of being in paradise :(

We made sure to make the most of it by hitting the beach in front of Ocean's Reach first thing in the morning...lucky me, my allergies got the best of me right as we were planning on heading out the door. Overnight, the mainland had a storm blow in, so it was hanging on to the outskirts of Sanibel for most of the morning. My allergies always get fired up whenever rain moves in, I'm kinda like a weather reporter :|

Sneezing, more sneezing, and sneezing again. There was no way I was going down to the beach without a pack of tissues. So I grabbed my handy Embellish Me Patty V tissue holder and off I went. Very convenient and stylish wouldn't you say!? The holder helped keep the sand from getting all over the tissues, and from getting the salty air all in them.

One of my other must haves on any beach day, but especially Day 8 were my Boca Clips! My mom found these and grabbed about 5 pairs to have with us for the beach. She knows me so well she got me scallops :) They come in all sorts of designs, so you're sure to find one that you absolutely love!! They're really handy to hold your beach towel in place so it's not flying around in the wind and potentially flying off into the sand. Guess what? The company operates out of North Florida!

If you like my towels, be sure to check out Turkish-T by Sue Joyce - AMAZING Turkish towels!! We used them on the flight to Florida as a blanket, on the beach as towels, and during our delayed flight back to Texas as blankets :)

After we got down to the beach, I put a little drink in my hand and soaked in the view. I'm always going to miss this place too much; I need to move here!!

Also with us was our white 26QT ORCA Cooler provided by W4 Services. We had grabbed sandwiches, drinks, and applesauce in the morning out of the fridge and put them in the cooler with NO ICE - and everything stayed cold for the entire 3 hours we were beachcombing! Not only was it withstanding the sand, but also the 95+ degree sun rays beating down on it. No umbrella for cover, no towel for foundation. All while keeping our food, drinks, and cell phones protected and cool!

How many times have you not had a cooler to take down to the beach with you, or maybe you had a cooler but by the time you actually got hungry everything was already warm and maybe tasted a little gross? Nothing can dampen a trip to the beach like having a warm drink you thought was going to be chilled. Doesn't happen with an ORCA!

Let me tell you, I've LOVED having this cooler around. We used it so many times during our trip taking advantage of all its features like:

~ A perfect size for carrying a haul down to the beach and fitting in tight spaces in our car

~ Thick insulation that keeps everything cool for hours upon hours, and even days!

~ Padded carrying handles that don't make your hands sore and eases the heaviness of your load

~ Solid lid gasket for a perfect seal every time

~ Cargo netted back for extra storage for sunscreen and bug spray that belong on the outside

~ A drainage spout that lets all the water out fast

~ Non-slip feet for a sturdy grip in both the sand and water

~ GUARANTEED FOR LIFE!... That's right, LIFE!

Coolers aren't just for hunters or fishermen y'all! Beach goers like myself and you are constantly in the sun for long periods of time either beach hoping from beach to island, or to wherever the ocean takes us.

Everyone needs a cooler like my ORCA (seriously) that withstands the coastal elements, is functional, affordable for the quality being received, and supports our own country's economy! ALL ORCAS ARE 100% ENTIRELY MADE IN THE U.S.A!

That includes labor and all components; pretty impressive right? When comparing an ORCA to other cooler makers, no other cooler can be as reliable, American, and coastal as an ORCA. You'll be seeing mine around more ;)

Watch my video below to see how our ORCA went beachin' ;)

See my lovely aqua Contigo bottle in one of Beach Grass Turtleback holders? Yup, that ice is still there with the help from our ORCA Cooler. My pink turtleback holder was always on-the-go with me too. It's an all-terrain cup holder that never lets your cup, keys, food, or whatever you need to keep off the ground, touch the ground while sitting inside of it. They come in a variety of colors too.

While we were beachcoming, we spotted the Sanibel Thriller cruising around the island. Lots of waves from its pass by!

So remember how I've been telling you this whole time that Mr. ArtSea Chic totally out-shelled me... yup, he did it again by finding this wentletrap shell!!

These are one of my most favorite shells. In the now three times we've been to Sanibel Island, I have only found two of these gems. Being the gentleman he is, Mr. ArtSea Chic gave it to me :}

After we had our time in the sun, we packed everything up and walked back towards the condo. We stopped to rinse our feet and see how our ORCA would take getting a bath to rid itself of all the sand and wet salt. I let Mr. ArtSea Chic do the cleaning ;) Everything washed off really well without having to scrub at all.

After showering we headed out to do some shopping. Can you believe we had not done any this whole time?! Neither can I, but we were just having too much fun on these beaches :)

My favorite place to shop is at Periwinkle Place. The outdoor shopping area has dozens of cool shops to browse through, a restaurant, gorgeous scenery, and a tropical vibe. Mr. ArtSea Chic and I stopped to grab a quick bite at the restaurant, the Blue Giraffe. I just had chocolate ice cream, but even just that was good. Mr. ArtSea Chic had a burger and fries which was tempting me the whole time.  

When we were done shopping, we met my parents for dinner at George & Wendy's Seafood Grille, which is another favorite restaurant of mine. Not only is the food fantastic every time we visit, but the art gallery displays covering the walls never disappoint either. My favorite artist displayed is Stacie Krupa. I hope to own a piece some day, even if it's a little one :)

All our meals were deliciously satisfying. Time for a nap? NO! We headed out to the beach for the final and last time till we would return to the island again.

Mr. ArtSea Chic really was going to miss this place :) I had bought him this Reel Local redfish fishing shirt before our trip, which turned into one of his go-to shirts. For as much as he goes fishing, this breathable micro fabric shirt gave him the sun protection he needed every time he wore it. He even got compliments on the design while we were out shopping at Periwinkle Place earlier during the day. Neat thing about Reel Local is that they're based out of Florida and the owner is also the graphic designer behind the fast growing brand, and he's an avid fisherman.

We said good by to Sanibel the next morning on Saturday at 4AM as we tried to leave the island :|

Our flight actually got canceled at 3AM and we had to rush to the airport to try and reschedule another flight. Turns out we got the last two seats out of three that were available for the only flight going back to Texas with a stop in St. Louis. We sure got lucky on that - but not on the departure time. We weren't leaving till 4PM!! We had THE LONGEST wait in an airport ever.

...so we decided to catch up on our sleep and eat ice cream ;) haha

After a long day of trying to get back to Texas, we finally made it home around midnight and we were EXHAUSTED. What a day essh. We took all of Sunday as a day to catch up on our sleep again and do absolutely nothing. Mr. ArtSea Chic and I both had to go back to work Monday...don't most people need another week of vacation at home to get back to normal after being in paradise??

I brought back so many treasures from the island! Scroll through below to see all of them.

That wraps up Day 8 and our recap of our trip to Sanibel Island!

Hope you enjoyed reading our adventure and seeing what Sanibel has to offer if you decide to visit.


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