Why An ORCA Cooler Is The Best For Your Outdoor Lifestyle

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of W4 Services.

Spring is just around the corner, can you believe it? Hopefully we all start to see warmer weather soon! Until then, now is a great time to start thinking about how you can get outdoors more this year to exercise, enjoy nature, learn a new sport, or travel to a new destination. 

In many cases, you're going to want to have a go-to cooler to keep your drinks ice-cold, sandwiches fresh, and if you're way deep in the wilderness or by the ocean you need a reliable cooler to keep things cold till you get back home. Over 7 months, I tested a 26 quart ORCA Cooler provided by W4 Services an equipment rental and oilfield supply company based in Canadian, Texas, to see if it could handle the multiple weather climates I'm constantly in, and prove that it was a much better investment compared to any other cooler. 

ORCA Coolers are 100% American made and use 100% USA sourced materials. I love this because not only does every purchase help secure jobs here in America, but the company is also standing behind the promise to invest in our economy and community. A portion of every purchase is donated to national conservation groups, breast cancer research, wounded warrior programs, and local community groups. You're not going to find another cooler company as dedicated as they are!

Each cooler has a lifetime warranty and is certified bear proof, which means nothing is going to stand in your way of a great experience with an ORCA cooler! An initial hesitation I had, given that I'm somewhat a petite woman, was if the cooler itself was going to be heavy without anything being in it. I needed to carry it by myself most of the time, and to my surprise the cooler was very light weighted and the perfect length for carrying.

Some other really ice features that beat out any other cooler:

  • Thickest walls to keep everything cold no matter if you use ice cubes, dry ice, block ice - or nothing! Yup, that's right even if you use no coolant at all (I'll share more on this test later). 
  • Secure lid gasket to let nothing out and nothing in
  • Extendable flex-grip handles that won't make your hands sore
  • Storage cargo net for added hauling of things like sunscreen, bug spray, etc.
  • Drainage spout that lets water flow out quickly
  • 4 non-slip grippers on the bottom of the cooler
  • Multiple cooler colors available

Sounds like a pretty awesome cooler right? Let's get in to the good stuff now. W4 Services got a white ORCA cooler to me right before I left for Sanibel Island in Florida in July last year, which was perfect timing! If you're a beach-goer, having a cooler that will withstand salt corrosion, sun exposure, sand abrasion, and long periods of time in the heat is super important.

We took the ORCA down to the beach with us multiple times, each time it getting the job done keeping everything cool when using a single bag of ice. But the ultimate test was when we filled the cooler with drinks from the fridge and freshly made sandwiches - and put no ice inside. I wanted to see how long everything would last sitting in 90 degrees and direct sunlight, then getting a salty soak for 2-3 hours before being opened.

Watch below how our ORCA takes on the tide on the shoreline of Sanibel Island!

2-3 hours later after shelling, swimming, and walking a few miles of the coastline we came back to have lunch. Opened the cooler and our drinks and sandwiches were still cold! The cooler had kept practically the exact temperatures of the drinks and sandwiches when we had put them in earlier during the day. That was pretty impressive; no other cooler would've been able to do that.

One of my other favorite things about the ORCA is that I have the storage cargo net area to hold suntan lotion and bags of shells without having to house them inside the cooler.

Cleaning the ORCA was such a breeze, every grain of sand just fell off after two rinses, and the 4 non-slip grippers on the bottom of the cooler held it well when Mr. ArtSea Chic was quickly turning it on each side. It also dried really quick, making it manageable for carrying back up the stairs to our condo.

After such a fabulous experience with the ORCA in coastal temperatures hitting water, sand, salt, and heat, my next adventure when returning to Texas a few weeks later would be a roadtrip to the wilderness of the Frio River in Concan, Texas for the 4th of July weekend.

Every Texan knows the importance of the essentials during 4th of July celebrations. Good BBQ, salsa and chips, ice cold drinks, and time with family and friends down by the river. For being a 26 quart cooler, you can sure fit a lot in it!

We were going to be outside for most of the day while floating the Frio River and sitting outside watching fireworks, so we needed the ORCA cooler to 

withstand getting thrown around on rocks, water, and keep everything cold when being opened many many times throughout the day.

Our ORCA cooler was put to the test when we decided it was time for it to come with us on the river! It fit PERFECTLY inside a blow-up inner tube we had brought, o we were so excited :) haha. Not only did it fit perfectly, but we knew since it didn't weigh too much when empty, that it was going to hold just fine in the tube when filled with water bottles, beer cans, and a layer of cubed ice.

While on the river for at least 6 hours each time we floated, our ORCA kept the drinks cool and everyone happy! Success.

Mr. ArtSea Chic has had his own personal adventures with the ORCA while at work, hunting, and fishing. He even used the ORCA for keeping a deer head cold and fresh, came in handy!

We've had multiple really great experiences using the ORCA in different environments and temperatures, that Mr. ArtSea Chic and I highly recommend any sized ORCA cooler from W4 Services. It's worth the investment, don't go cheap on your coolers. Save yourself the worry of having to buy ice all the time, of damaging the cooler, and not knowing whether your money is going towards supporting the values you stand by and the workforce on U.S. soil. W4 Services offers the 26, 40, 58, 75 quart coolers in multiple colors such as pink, white, green, and tan. Make sure to grab a cooler before spring starts so that you're ready for any outdoor adventure you, family, or friends decide to take! Be sure to follow W4 Services on Facebook for great deals and insight into other equipment that will help you get the job done right.

Have any questions or comments about how we've used our ORCA cooler? Leave a comment below!


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